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Xotic Voltage Doubler

Xotic Voltage Doubler

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The Xotic Voltage Doubler is a step-up converter that takes 9 volts DC and boosts it to an output voltage of 15 or 18 VDC (max current draw 80mA). Why? Simple - Higher voltage levels result in more headroom. When you boost the voltage you'll find your Xotic pedals will get much more dynamic, with more headroom, added top end and brightness, and will produce a less compressed sound. 


Please visit the Xotic website for more details on compatible pedals and voltages:



This product is designed & recommended for Xotic pedals only! Do NOT try this on any other pedals by any other manufacturers without first determining whether they have components with high enough tolerances or the result may be fire and/or serious injury to you and perhaps your pedal. We are not responsible for any damages you or your pedals may suffer.